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Services We Offer:

We offer a variety of services! Please, feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic is a natural treatment option used to improve quality of life, reduce or eliminate pain, promote recovery from injury and help prevent future disease or dysfunction. The primary focus of Chiropractic is the treatment of the cause of pain or dysfunction and restoration of normal function by stimulating the body's natural healing capabilities. Chiropractors are primary care physicians who can assess and diagnose, and devise a treatment plan and administer treatment programs that aim to restore function, increase quality of life and minimize dysfunction after injury or disease. Chiropractors do not use drugs or surgery, instead a combination of gentle manual manipulative therapy, exercises, natural supplementation or dietary recommendations along with movement training and stress management may all be utilized in a Chiropractor's treatment plan.

Instrument adjusting can be used instead of or in concert with manual adjusting. There are several advantages to Impulse instrument adjusting, including a more gentile adjustment, a faster impulse or frequency of thrust (faster than muscular guarding contraction to stimulation) and the benefits of nervous system stimulation by adjustment is still accomplished. Impulse can be used on more sensitive patients, elderly, pregnant women and children who are more sensitive to manual adjusting, or anyone who may have anxiety about cervical manual adjustment. Ask the doctor for more information.


Massage is an effective tool for managing stress. It can

Decrease anxiety, Enhance sleep, Improve energy levels, Improve concentration, Increase circulation, Reduce fatigue.

Massage can also help specifically address a number of health issues. It can:

- Alleviate low-back pain and improve range of motion.

 -Assist with shorter, easier labor for expectant mothers and shorten maternity hospital stays.

 -Ease medication dependence.

- Enhance immunity by stimulating lymph flow

- Help athletes of any level prepare for, and recover from, strenuous workouts.

- Improve the condition of the skin

- Increase joint flexibility.

- Lessen depression and anxiety.

- Promote tissue regeneration, reducing scar tissue and stretch marks.

- Pump oxygen and nutrients into tissues and vital organs, improving circulation.

- Reduce post-surgery adhesions and swelling.

- Reduce spasms and cramping.

- Relax and soften injured, tired, overused muscles.

- Release endorphins— the body's natural painkiller.

- Relieve migraine pain and headaches.

Custom Foot Orthotics

The spine's support and alignment starts from the bottom up also, and an alteration in the normal foot's ability to function or instability in it's structure or mechanics can cause problems in the entire spine. This can cause problems in your overall health. Knee pain, hip pain, back pain, ankle pain as well as foot pain can occur as a result of problems in the foot, and long term poor biomechanics can cause degeneration and problems down the line. Orthotics can be used to attempt to correct the mechanical problems in the alignment of the foot bones and habitual foot postures to alleviate symptoms and restore optimum health. Custom orthotics start with a computerized foot scan which is taken to capture the individual detail and structure of your foot. Doctor's assessment and symptoms are applied, features can be added or subtracted including increased cushioning, shock absorption, heel cup, orthotic length, etc. and a custom orthotic is developed for your individual needs. Shoes, including dress shoes, athletic shoes and sandals can also be made with the orthotic built into the shoe for added support and stability.

After you receive your custom orthotics, the doctor can assist with the breaking in process, and adjust the foot and spine to help promote proper biomechanics. A series of exercises and adjustments can make your transition more effortless.

Therapeutic Exercise and Stretching

As part of the rehabilitation process and balancing out the body's function, Dr. Bryant, DC can prescribe specific stretches and strengthening exercises, based on the findings of his New Patient exam and continued periodic evaluations. He designs a custom made program for your body's needs and can give you a pint out for home care. 

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